Your bag is a universe

It contains the necessary items of your life that will rotate back and forth in cycles.
Some things will break and some things will be lost such as in the cycle of life.
And every life has equal worth right?
That’s why not even a firefly got hurt in the process of making these jewel and dimes, veganleather handbags.

Companies’ claim their products are made with love or whatever other crap they come up with.
We think you all should shove it.
Shove it into your new amazing ailuja handbag.

The designer

A Scandinavian who went to the Mediterranean and earned a fashion design degree at
Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano, Italy.
However it was on one of her yearly trips to India, New Dehli, where Ailuja was born.
The designs were born in mind as she was travelling.
Learning cultures, trading merchandise across the seas and exchanging information is how our society has grown.
Even further back she thought of the explorers and adventurers and how means of transportation
is perhaps the most crucial thing to mankind.

This is how deeply devoted she is to design. Design is not much unlike inventions,
crucial to our survival.
The designs are meant to celebrate life.
Ailuja is created and designed by Julia Andersson